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Detailing EM and Bingo pinball features, gameplay, and repair techniques.
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Mar 23, 2017

Wayne Neyens was a very prolific pinball designer, most famous for his time at Gottlieb.

We discuss everything from his time at Western Electric and Supply to his career at Gottlieb and a bit beyond.  He is almost 99 years old, and as such, has seen a LOT of interesting happenings in coin op since he started at Western.

Wayne was incredibly generous with his time and willingness to discuss some of these items of curiosity.

Thank you again, Wayne!

Mar 9, 2017

Chicago Coin's 'Thing' is up and running in my home! I go over some of the challenges and gloss over some others.  The game has several fairly fragile-looking components.  Odd and unique relay ladders, and tons and tons of relays under the playfield.

Great game, and I'm happy it's done!  Almost every shot earns at least 10,000 points, and the two passive bumpers at the bottom earn 100,000 at certain times.  In this game, increase in score will open the ball save gate sooner, allowing a ball to drain, so it is in your best interest to make accurate shots.

I also got a correction from a friend  (and friend of the show), and discussed a very interesting thread on Pinside about cheating and bingos:

Thanks for listening!

Feb 23, 2017

Some interesting fun things happened this past weekend, and I discuss a few standout games I played at the Pinball Hall of Fame and Flipperspiel Underground.


I also thought it wise to cover a game again!  Today's game is Baker Big Time.  This game has 8 different ways to win, multiple sequences, and a neat playfield design that reminds me of the horse race games.

You can win up to 60 replays on this game!

Feb 10, 2017

I dislike the construction of Williams solid state drop targets - I give some reasons why and discuss the mechanical problems of a steel ball hitting plastic affixed to metal with more plastic...

I also discuss a short circuit troubleshooting session from a recent repair.  Lack of heat shrink in my travel toolbox caused me to improvise.

I picked up a Chicago Coin 'Thing' and have been removing the multiple coats of white latex paint from the cabinet - I give a breakdown of some techniques used to remove on this cabinet in particular.

Lastly, there is a person from TX (Nicovolta) that is traveling across the US, teaching EM repair in home - very intriguing idea and I wish him all the best.

Jan 26, 2017

I've been working on graphics for the Multi cabinet, and had a coding weekend to take my mind off of artwork... 

The Hold feature allows you to return some or all of the balls during a normal game.  Pretty cool feature!  Used on only three games, Palm Springs, Surf Club and Ice Frolics.

I also describe the gameplay and some of the features of Robo-Frenzy, the new EM arcade game being made by myself and Ryan Claytor.

Speaking of Ryan, he has started working with Pinball Resource to produce new plastic sets for 1950s games.  He began with Score-Board, and his work is absolutely stunning.  If you need plastics, call PBR now!  It was an extremely limited run.

Also, I found out recently that Marco Specialties carries 'dead' rubber.  I ordered a bunch and will be outfitting all my playfields with dead rubber on the red posts (as they came from the factory).

All for now!

Jan 12, 2017

Multi Progress: 105 out of 107 games that utilize the standard 25 hole playfield (with no additional coils) are complete!

One of those two remaining games was just discovered this week!  United's Serenade appeared out of nowhere.  I assume it was a prototype game that never made it into full production.

A listener asks how to deal with a noisy coin lockout relay.

Steve Smith is putting together a list of folks interested in a reproduction Bally Bounty backglass - currently impossible to find in the US.  Please contact me or see this thread:

Another very interesting development: Ryan Claytor and I have teamed up and are designing a brand new EM arcade game!  I've already finished the schematic, and am acquiring parts.  This is being worked on in-between other hobby projects.

Dec 29, 2016

My first attempt at a courtroom audio drama.


This one involves a court case between the City of Baltimore, MD and Bally Bounty - yes, the pinball machine!


Special thanks to Ryan Claytor ( for providing some of the voices in the drama.


Just a silly, fun, educational thing to get you started in the New Year.


Happy New Year, everyone!


Dec 14, 2016

Miss America - all four of these games have been implemented.  In fact, I'm up to 83 games implemented!  I talk about some of how the games changed over the years, my favorite games, features of all the Miss America games, and how I've implemented the moving numbers within Miss America.


Hey!  You like podcasts, you like pinball - friend of the show Ryan Claytor has illustrated another podcast masterpiece.  Pre-order a poster or t-shirt here:


(Especially a poster - I want it to be produced.)

Nov 30, 2016

Talk about the way United games work and portion, and lots of interesting news:

  • 70 games in the Multi-Bingo!




Check it out!

Nov 16, 2016

Phil makes a special 'in-person' appearance on the podcast!

We went over the codebase for a Magic Screen game and I explained how and why each of the functions work the way that they do within the program.

Phil provided me with a good clue as to why the machines seemed too 'tight' - my mixers were able to move between 1 and 23 positions with each spin.  In reality, they only move a small subset.

Speaking of code, I've pushed up a very large amount of code, for the first 50 games to the public repository:

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