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Detailing EM and Bingo pinball features, gameplay, and repair techniques.
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Dec 29, 2016

My first attempt at a courtroom audio drama.


This one involves a court case between the City of Baltimore, MD and Bally Bounty - yes, the pinball machine!


Special thanks to Ryan Claytor ( for providing some of the voices in the drama.


Just a silly, fun, educational thing to get you started in the New Year.


Happy New Year, everyone!


Dec 14, 2016

Miss America - all four of these games have been implemented.  In fact, I'm up to 83 games implemented!  I talk about some of how the games changed over the years, my favorite games, features of all the Miss America games, and how I've implemented the moving numbers within Miss America.


Hey!  You like podcasts, you like pinball - friend of the show Ryan Claytor has illustrated another podcast masterpiece.  Pre-order a poster or t-shirt here:


(Especially a poster - I want it to be produced.)

Nov 30, 2016

Talk about the way United games work and portion, and lots of interesting news:

  • 70 games in the Multi-Bingo!




Check it out!

Nov 16, 2016

Phil makes a special 'in-person' appearance on the podcast!

We went over the codebase for a Magic Screen game and I explained how and why each of the functions work the way that they do within the program.

Phil provided me with a good clue as to why the machines seemed too 'tight' - my mixers were able to move between 1 and 23 positions with each spin.  In reality, they only move a small subset.

Speaking of code, I've pushed up a very large amount of code, for the first 50 games to the public repository:

Nov 2, 2016

My interview today is with bingo collector/repair person/player Keith Nickalo.

Keith has a fascinating website with information about some of the machines he has repaired, as well as documentation on various oddities:


The heavily modified Lotta Fun that Keith mentions is here:


Some documentation on the Belgian games Keith converted are here:

Oct 19, 2016

There's no shortcutting the implementation of these games in the Multi-Bingo.

Duncan Brown's Expo seminar on the unproduced games of Harry Williams is an amazing story:

It's the biggest EM news in many years.  Well worth the read!


The Pacific Pinball Expo is happening on Nov 10-13 in Alameda, CA.  Attend and play some of the great woodrail and EM games (and some bingos, too!):


The featured game is 1947's Williams Torchy:



Oct 8, 2016

This year's York show wrap-up!  I discuss how the Bingo Row went, some feedback from players of the Multi, a short interview with my friend Ryan Claytor, and lots and lots of 'thank yous'.

The thread on the Multi-Bingo that Ryan mentions is here:

and Ryan and I each wrote some wrap-up posts on the 'row here:


Thank you to all the bingo folks (new and old), especially:

Chad, Len, Ed


Robert and Sal



Butch and Mike




Phil H

Phil B

...and all the players.  It was great getting to meet so many new players, and new Multi-Bingo fans.  It was absolutely fantastic!


Can't wait for next year!

Oct 5, 2016

I am running behind on the latest release - I wanted to do a York show/Bingo Row/Multi-Bingo unveiling wrap-up, but I will not be able to record and edit until Friday evening at the earliest.  It'll be worth it!

Sep 21, 2016

Sing Along is one of my favorite Gottlieb wedgeheads - beautiful theme execution and great, challenging gameplay.


CORRECTION:  I said this was a Parker art package.  Couldn't have been more wrong.  It was Art Stenholm.  My apologies.


I also speak a bit about Duncan Brown's excellent upcoming seminar at Expo 2016:

"From The Lost Playfield Drawings Of Harry Williams: A Pinball Machine
40 Years In The Making"

He is making a brand new EM whitewood from the drawings of Harry Williams.  Wonderful!!topic/



Next week is the York show - come to Bingo Row and compete for a free t-shirt, illustrated by Ryan Claytor!

Sep 8, 2016

Troubleshooting a game of your own creation can be very difficult; especially when you are marrying the worlds of electro-mechanical and solid state! Join me as I track down a misadjusted switch and a bug in my lifter logic.

Also, I discuss several of the games gracing the multi, along with today's featured game, Bally's Hole-In-One.

Only one unit is known to exist, but no paperwork is available, and the owner does not know the rules of gameplay.  Therefore, I got to try my hand at creating a bingo ruleset on a one-off oddity.

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